LIVE INTO 5D - Waking up our Nature
LIVE INTO 5D - Waking up our Nature
Astrology Cancer Forecast with Rev. Sibyl Star and Vicchi Oleski

In today’s episode NLP Coach educator, Intuitive energy healer, Vicchi Oleski is joined by Astrologer Rev. Sibyl Star.

We begin the 2022 Summer Podcast season discussing the energy of Love, and how for this Cancer season, June 20-July 20th, it would seem to be about holding a this/and position, the ‘place-of-both’, a inquiry of ‘Notice and not decide’. Summer of 2022 supports us to lead from Love, asks us to entertain the whole rather than serving the few, and how that experience is comforting, creates safety and nourishes greater individual and collective coherence.

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