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Energy Intuitive, Coaching and Consulting sessions with Vicchi Oleski

“We are living vital life source energy. Discovering and touching into this knowing of living energy, breath/prana/chi, is enormous and life changing for most people. The essential and fundamental truth about our human healing system is that we are whole, powerful and able to access Universal Life Energy. These truths bring us to living our common sense.”

embodiedSpiritwork TM

Take charge of your Life...

…by Restoring your vital energy, focusing your attention, tuning in and
embodying the awareness muscle that IS you.

Energy Intuitive,  

Coaching and Consulting sessions with Vicchi Oleski

Ask questions! Receive answers! Learn the ‘how-to’s that are right for you!

Topics include:


  • Romantic Relationships
  • Work/Career
  • Body Mind Medicine


  • Healing
  • Transformation
  • Spiritual inquires
  • Volition

Session Packages

Personalized, one-on-one programs are available for a more in-depth approach.


Package Includes 

Three 60 minute Group Sessions via Zoom

(One session/month, limited to 8 participants)


(10% discount – reg $164)

Golden Lotus 

Monthly Package Includes

Four 60 Minute Private Sessions

-One per week-

(via zoom link)


(10% discount – reg $480)

White Peony

Monthly Package Includes 

One 60 Minute Session

& Three 15 Minute Follow up Weekly Sessions

(via zoom link)


(10% discount – reg. $240)

Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service


is science/evidence based, body-centered, spirit inspired and an applied therapy practice that supports the individual to integrate new patterns of wellness in all levels of being: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and mental.


Benefits of embodiedSpiritwork™  

  • Transformation/Change
  • Emotional Integrity and mental agility
  • Wholeness, Vitality
  • Unifies, harmonizes and balances the BodyMind
  • Greater awareness of one self, Community and their greater environment.


embodiedSpiritwork™ assists in a manner of re-educating the client towards clarity, intent and self-responsibility, to embody ones’ expression of good health.  The intention of embodiedSpiritwork™ is to 

  • engage the intrinsic Human ‘healing’ system
  • to restore the ‘common senses
  • and to support the major systems within the body. 


embodiedSpiritwork™ incorporates:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Bodywork
  • Breathwork
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Energy Medicine


Clients feel empowered and experience immediate effective positive results.  Most helpful, is that clients receive profound positive direction towards lifes’ situations

embodiedSpiritwork™   is a expression of Source, Universal Life Energy, prana, chi…, whole in nature and intelligently designed to heal!


Please contact me to connect about personal transformation sessions tailored to your specific needs, or with any other questions you may have about embodied spirit work™.
I look forward to working with you.
-Vicchi Oleski