Golden Eagle Retreats

Private One-on-One Retreat
Invest in Yourself
One day, five hours

Boutique Retreat
Invest as a TEAM
Three to five people. One day, five hours.

Rejuvenate, Revive & Renew Your Mind-Body Connection

Golden Eagle Retreats, both PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE and BOUTIQUE (3-5 people), consist of learning personal development skills, adopting daily self-care routines, engaging in nature walks, practice and embodiment of guided and silent meditation and living the art and science of mind/body medicine techniques/exercises.

During a retreat, the participant learns about and discovers their unique understanding and relationship to the mind-body connection. It is one. The mind operates as an unseen mechanism while the body is the physical form of this mechanism. Life then becomes the play between these two instruments, harmonizing and balancing each other.

When the accumulations of daily stress, fear and confusion build up in our human system, dis-function begins to occur, draining our energy vitality. When thinking-feeling patterns of low frequency (old and outdated programs) are not stopped and redirected towards wellness and wholeness, it may cause a cascading effect creating feelings of low self-worth, dis-empowering thought patterns and ill health in relationship, career and finances.

Keeping Life in Check

During your retreat, insights will arise and the obscure will become obvious.

The shift, change/action and/or nudge needed comes as a ‘ahh ha’ via intuition. The let-go’s release. Life is given an opportunity to then present itself differently, resourcefully and ingeniously.


Come full circle in your healing at GOLDEN EAGLE.

Educator & Energy Intuitive Vicchi Oleski curates each Golden Eagle retreat with the intention that, “We are living vital life source energy. Discovering and touching into this Knowing of living energy, breath/prana/chi is enormous and life changing for most people. The essential and fundamental truth about our human healing system is that we are whole, powerful and able. Accessing Universal Life Energy via our thoughts and emotions is key in the healing journey. These truths bring us to living our common sense.”

Why take a Golden Eagle Retreat?

A time out to check in.

During a Golden Eagle Retreat each participant gets to unplug from their daily activities and routines. The usual mundane nature of one’s life is put on pause and suspended. The investment of time, energy and the willingness to reflect upon life is PRICELESS.

Typically, personal retreats are taken occasionally and are mostly thought of as religious. Yet in today’s ‘neo-modern’ world, personal retreats are beginning to be recognized as a radical, and sometimes political act of self-care.

Each participant will feel the retreat differently. And each retreat thereafter will be experienced differently.

The Golden Eagle retreat is a 5-hour extended moment for solace, contemplation and observation to take place. For the attendee to withdraw from the busyness of life, the mind clutter and the emotional entanglements that most often want to be released.

To retreat is to seek support, comfort and to be alleviated of the pressures of everyday life,… deep rest, and a soulful embodiment is felt, aches diminish while overall demands lessen and wholeness is restored.

Included in this retreat

  • Intake, a 75–90-minute process/dialogue
  • Sketch book pamphlet
  • Mapping out specifics (a plan/strategy for the retreat structure)
  • Bodywork/hands on session
  • Stretch & release (yoga) session
  • Two breaks that include a light & nutritious meal, a tasty snack food & tea
  • Walk/hike in Nature
  • Decompress & Integrate
  • Closing

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