Vicchi Oleski spirit energy healing

You are here now.

No matter what is going on in the world, we have this moment, this precious chance to integrate and release. It doesn’t matter what came before and it doesn’t matter what is going on around you.

Vicchi Oleski

Intuitive Energy Healer and NLP Transformation Educator, Vicchi Oleski offers personal empowerment, educational online programs, and teachings that help conscious, intuitive and sensitive empaths to heal, thrive and live wholesome lives. 

Her focused work advocates tools and paramount practices that are practical profound and intrinsic. She also mentors creative, healers and entrepreneurs in the human and social potential movements as well as the transformational healing arts.

Vicch’s private label, the feelHEAL Medicinal product line, and with her MEDITATION audios/videos support seekers, self-healers and contemplatives. 

She is founder of Sonoma County Healing Academy, curator of embodiedSpiritwork™, host of L!VE INTO 5D podcast and offers free educational healing material on YouTube

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Healing Modalities

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) makes use of our most positive memories, personal resources and experiences to learn to recreate, at will, the positive internal states associated with these. It teaches us how to make constructive use of and even to ‘play’ with negative memories, thoughts and feelings, to neutralize their effects and learn from them. It develops our use of our imagination to help us create the life we want.

Ancient Yogic Practices

Hatha Yoga is a life system that not only comprises physical asanas (movements) but includes one’s thoughts, food and relational interaction with the environment. Hatha Yoga is a science and art of using the physical form of one’s body and breath to quiet the mind encouraging the person’s true potential of better living to emerge. This can be experienced as Sovereignty.

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a system of empowerment, selfHealth care, self heal and self help. Energy Medicine is used to address physical, emotional and mental imbalance. It also assists in gaining an improved perspective on Life and promotes levels of wellness.
One can self heal by activating, restoring its natural energies.


What is calling from within to resolve also contains the key to its resolution. Both the wound and the cure reside together, and only you have the power to feelHEAL it.

Embodied Spirit Work™

Vicchi, is a visionary, a promoter of health, beauty and well-being, and advocate for personal development, and a longtime dedicated community leader. Her fiery passion for creativity, based in everyday life, has let her study in the human and social potential movements. Vicchi is an energetic advocate of the LGBTQI+ community.

At an early age, Vicchi understood that her “higher education” came from her own direct experience of God/source; the intelligence found in nature. At that time in her young life, she had no teachings of Origins of Existence and only understood the science of interconnectedness to all things by way of body–memory. This common thread/thought continues to inform Vicchi to this day.

It is by inspiration that spirit notifies.

Vicchi’s unfolding curiosity, dreams and imagination became the colorful backdrop of her fearless will and sovereignty.

Along with traditional form of educating, Vicchi is an ardent student/teacher of the revolutionary field of neurolinguistics, quantum physics, dance, poetry, sound/music, technology, astrology, nature, and the biochemical union between body and mind. Vicchi’s work embraces science with spirituality, technology with energy and reason with life. Her belief is that whatever we dream/imagine we can create/accomplish. 

Vicchi’s deepest intention is to; ‘support and assist others out from the old programming of cultural society. Freedom, free will and choice have become the new frontier of probability. Our soulForce is the power that propels us into life.’

After 12 years of living through chronic fatigue, in 2005, Vicchi encountered/experienced a distinct quality of transformation/self recovery. From this discovery, she developed/created embodiedSpiritwork™. This journey propelled her into a deeply personal spiritual transformation. This moment was a turning point in consciousness and let her to begin the foundation of her current healing work.