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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.

~ Richard Buckminster

Expand your knowledge and transform the mind body connection.

A practice-makes-progress plan that identifies human to spirit, improves being in the present moment and supports feelHEALING your health and living your Vitality.

We are verging upon and merging with the Age of Aquarius.

Leaving behind old programming (emotional feeling-mental thinking impressions that no longer serve), and having life interrupt all a while cultivating new experiences/patterns of thinking, feeling and being (behavior) that perk insight and lead to breakthrough action.


Online Courses Include:

  • Practical how-to pamphlet guide book and worksheets
  • Video explanation and discussion
  • Meditation/embodiment practice (demonstration) for self care and support

Online Courses synthesizes the science and art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the psychology of Energy Medicine, and philosophy and practice of Hatha Yoga.

Online Courses

  • Strengthen the relationship to the inherent truth
  • Create trust in the totality of the inner & outer combined resources
  • Embody the wisdom
  • Connect with the heart and universal life creative energy
  • Respond (take the needed action)

All that is passed and is meant to dissolve, will dissolve. All that is meant and is real (Truth) will lead.


Best Practice Course

Best Practices Course


One-time Investment

An Online Course of Best Practices
for Empaths, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Intuitives, Psychotherapists and Massage Therapists

Designed for those who work with themselves and/or others in the psycho-spiritual phenomenon which include the unseen realms, between the veils and/or embodiment practices in the field of Consciousness.

Best Practice Course

The objective of this course

is to help the helpers master successful strategies such as:

  • To explore, accept and embrace the ‘helpers’ unique sensitivity and sensibilities in the context of spiritual ascension and metaphysical understandings
  • To be ordinary people living extraordinary lives
  • To live as Spiritual Beings having a human experience
  • To embrace yourself as a Lightworker becoming a Groundworker, being and bringing the Light, the Love and the Laughter into the shadowy places
  • To learn to accept ‘what is’

This course provides hands-on perennial material.

Used as a living map, BEST PRACTICES dispenses enduring renewal of one’s personal ethos through embodiment curriculum, guided and silent meditation and quintessential methods for self care of mind, body and spirit.

What you will get

by learning, doing and being (investing) in this course:

  • Stand in your power and wisdom.
  • Purify and heal the wounds that are ready to release.
  • Learn and apply boundaries about you and your reality.
  • Develop and embody self-confidence and self-compassion.
  • Improve health and well-being through grounded embodiment practices.
  • Learn to and create positive experiences, to relate through connection.
  • Establish an inner sanctuary to purify and replenish.
  • Find the joy, understand the meaning and accept the value that is unique to you.
  • Learn and develop your intuition and trust your gut.

How this course works:

  • Through the energetics and practical application of the participant—Intention, Attention and Focusing Energy—which will be discussed and demonstrated in the courses’ curriculum.
  • Through the development of personal EMBODIMENT Practices this course teaches the participant about feelHEALING states and the optimum formulate for epigenetics that consciously changes ones’ gene expression.

This course includes:

  • Practical how-to PDF guide book and worksheet
  • Video explanation and discussion
  • Meditation demonstration for self care and support

For a one-time investment of


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Have MORE Success, Joy and Connection in your Life…

Change your gene expression through the practice of Neuro-Plasticity and EPIGENETICS

Gradually learn to:

  • Lessen negative thought patterns.
  • Release self judgment.
  • Begin to rewire your nervous system and experience MENTAL Agility & EMOTIONAL Intelligence.