Vicchi Oleski spirit energy healing


Universal Life Force, the energy that CONNECTS.

Recognize and embody your underlying essential nature. The Universal Force that has given birth to each of us and the entire cosmos. This energy animates through every atom, molecule, and cell throughout our entire body. Activates the cosmos, past, present and future.

Aligning to this Primordial force known as Shakti in Sanskrit, allows us to feel in harmony with ourselves, and to experience the deep inner felt sense of meaning, purpose and value. Sensing, feeling and being aware of this Life Force is our Birthright, allows us to go BEYOND our personal circumstances and is independent of our thinking.

Qualities of the Universal Life Force include:

  • feelings of unchanging equanimity
  • peace
  • joy
  • well-being
  • stillness.

Experience this Life Force by focusing your attention into the natural sensations that are present within your body.

Current research reveals how meditation turns on and off a variety of pathways or neural networks in our brain that help us gain access to the Universal Life Force.


Explanation of Universal Life Force Energy, the Human Brain and Meditation:

One of the networks, the Default network (also known as fight flight freeze and fawning response) allows us to locate ourselves in time and space as separate individuals who possess an autobiographical sense of self with a distinct past present and future.

But this network, the Default mode network can also prevent access, and avert feeling your underlying life force. The Default mode keeps your thinking mind overly active in condition patterns and recursive thinking.

Two other pathways, Attention and Control Networks function together to focus and enhance your attention and concentration. The fourth pathway, the Present-centered network enhances your ability to feel interconnected and in harmony with the underlying Life Force. The energy that animates the entire universe.

NOTE: Research reveals that during meditation your default Network switches off while the operations of your Attention and Control center networks are enhanced, increasing our ability to focus attention and concentration.

The Present-centered network also allows the decreasing of negative thinking patterns and opens you to insight and creativity. This enables you to go BEYOND conditioned habits of feeling limited and separate into empowered individuals experiencing vast, spacious and interconnected energy.



Begin a ritual by creating a self care daily practice. Set aside an hour or so everyday. Then settle into a comfortable sitting or lying position, and allow your senses to open to the environment and sounds around you.

Start by Quieting:

Notice the touch of air on your skin, sensations where your body touches the surface that is supporting you, the sensations that are present throughout your body.

Notice the mood or tone of your body and mind.

Notice emotions or thoughts that are present.

Important REMINDER:

Simply notice. There is no fixing. No changing.

We are practicing and building a muscle of observation, and observation will allow us to peek, eavesdrop into the workings of Universal Life Force Energy.


Energy flows where your attention goes. Universal Life Force Energy flows where our attention goes.


Three-step Intention.
1.  Turn your attention at setting an intention, declare in a firm and empowering voice.
     ‘I am sensing and aligning with the universal force that enlivens my entire body and mind.’

2.  Feel the power of these words, and the energy in each word. Now quietly with a whisper, repeat your intention:
     ‘I am sensing and aligning with the universal life force that enlivens my entire body and mind.’

3.  Final setting of Intention: state the intention silently to yourself.
     ‘I am sensing and aligning with the universal life force that enlivens my entire body and mind.’
While keeping your intention in mind, systematically begin to scan your body. Welcoming and feeling the sensations present, and the flow of the universal life force that animates and enlivens every cell throughout the body.

Begin with the jaw, your mouth, ears, forehead, scalp, back of your neck, shoulders and so forth. Take time at each area of the body. Enough time to feel into each spot, and then move on to the next area. Allowing, sensing, feeling the flow of energy throughout these areas.

You can go here for the audio version of this meditation.

Allow your attention to be so open that you allow sensations everywhere throughout your body, and all at the same time. Allow the sensations to merge together, to form a unified field of radiant sensations.

  • Sense your entire body as shimmering, vibrant energy.
  • Your body is a glowing pulsating field of radiant sensation.
  • Emanating both inwardly and outer outwardly, all at the same time.


Stay with the awareness, stay with the observation of the unified sensations throughout your body. Turn your attention to sensing these sensations that are present throughout your body.

  • letting go of thinking
  • allowing attention to remain, focused, attentive and concentrated.

Notice as you’re sensing sensations how thinking slows down and may even disappear.

Keep sensing the shimmering vibrant pulsating field of Sensations.


Continue affirming your intention to remain awake, aware of this vibrant Life Force. This Energy is present even as thought, sounds and other perceptions arise. Simply notice them and turn your attention to welcoming and feeling yourself as vibrant energy.


Awareness is our embodiment of UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

Our body is a radiant field, Vital, alive and vibrant, and spacious.

VOICES inside my head

Voices inside my head

Some twenty years ago, while cruising along Calistoga Road, atop of the hill before coming in full view of the Santa Rosa plains, my brakes on an older Toyota Corolla, gave way.  The usual go too’s went flying out the window as my brake peddle flapped to the front floor board. Shecarr, the faint painted yellow station wagon, that I was driving, transformed becoming a multi-dimensional magic carpet.  Before lulling me and my passenger to safely, and after several spells of divine guidance that directed the vehicle to a halt at the very bottom of this long, curvy, forever downward decline, the car door opened, lurched from the seat, kneeing on the shoulder of the macadam road, I been greeted with an experience of direct learning and gave thanks.

Body-full wisdom

Huh, how did this occur, was not my first responds.  My initial reaction was discovered by my body.  Freely untangling the distress, my to-go earth suit dissolved the impasse by shaking rattling and rolling.  Yes, it all unraveled.  Within seconds, the ride unconsciously unwound, allowing me to consciously absorb what had transpired.  And along with these latent teachings my body offered, came an intuitive suggestion given to me by my Pop.

Affluent mind

While being in the moment, with no room in my psyche for questioning…, pondering the pressing situation…, mulling over which right action might be best, surfaced and hastily left me hearing a loud clear silent commanding, and familiar voice inside my head that said…. ‘Pop it in second’.

Genius within

Upon hearing the instruction, my right hand and gear shift became one.  Gently and confidently, synchronizing with 4 cylinder engine rhythms, I popped it in second.


Our body-full wisdom and minds of affluent knowing are tuned and sound instruments.  The off keys are possibly the brakes and loose bearings.  Obvious connection of the two, mind & body is a sacred obscurity and willing able partners that’s loyalty is wholeness.  There is resemblance, a verifiable communication mirroring other, saving the day.


The Ageless Aquarian

The Ageless Aquarian

Leaving the old Form behind

This is a great exercise along with a visual trigger, #FullyYou7 that is good through this March 2022 Equinox.
so much distraction,… there is little ⏳ time left to entertain the minutia.
“It is a new age that we are entering, the age of Aquarius, and of course this is an astronomical, not an astrological event. It is to do with the relationship now being formed in cosmos between our solar system and the constellation of Aquarius. For the next 2,500 or so years we will be absorbing the cosmic energy of Aquarius, which will transform all life on the planet. It is a synthesizing energy: it draws together, fuses and blends, while the energy of Pisces, the age now ending, has separated and divided the world. This process will go forward… and, gradually, humanity will understand the reality of its spiritual nature”. ~Benjamin Creme
Leaving the past means:

Leaving out dated structures and allowing a pattern interupt. Leaving equals strength. Strength is our ability to sit in our individual Truth, and choose choices (take actions;) that may or may not be suitable for another. THIS is where there is Strength in #’s. Meaning the number of times we have stepped forward into our Truth, number of times we have stepped into #healing past hurts, towards & facing an opposition only to know that facing it is what it takes to dis-spell, dis-solve the dis-illusionments.

Strength in the number means:

The number of ❌’s we step and face fear, # of ❌’s we Forgive our self, one another…, the World for its’ imperfections.

Three tips to entrain the mind, heart and body forward, manifesting, creating and making your L!FE work, function…, THR!VE.
Being in a state of compassion and love… two pillars of Consciousness, here we go >
  1. where you put your focus.
  2. how you spend your day.
  3. what you broadcast, what’s your v!be…,
The #Aquarian Age is reframing our L!ve’s and asks for our Participation.
Here is an eXplanation of #Divine Love
Energetic & effect!ve

Energetic & effect!ve

Nature based Medicinals

Knowing what we all have been through the last two plus years, (2020-2021) many seasoned practitioner members belonging to the Holistic community hold plant based application as a silent self-evident science. Using individual as well as collective experiences, the full proof remedy of pre and post modern medicine, Science is to continue as the ultimate form of inquiry,

As in anicent and now the recent times, plants such as herbs/mushrooms/legume/seeds/grains and fruits flourish here in the earth kingdom. They are again looked to and used for their healing physical as well as Energetic properties. While the characteritics of each plant offers not only the bio-physical support that is unique in and to it self, seemingly the renaissance of past is also having a energentic reBirth.

Lynne McTaggart points to the value of the energetic charge, and the consciousness that begins to enliven by stating the following.

“At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence.”

Coalescencing of values

As energetic beings, and if so desired we can choose to tap into Potential, a quantum doorway leading to the individuals’ personal capabilities. This accesses an entrance so to speak, a permission slip that offers the physical vehicle, our body as a earth temple. The union that is the eXperience we call mindBody, as the eloquent empathic honing device. Honoring (and Homing) the human spirit and the super natural human ability to not only:

  • over come
  • but/and exceed expectations
  • secure connections to self and the mighty AWE.
Becoming greater, making the Energentic connect

Improved versions of our held limited ideas, concepts, ideologies and behaviours are best brought forward when attuning (and intending) to frequencies that ask, reach, receive and obtain resonance to that which aligns ~ vibrates alike CONSCIOUSNESS.

The energetic charge that Lynne McTaggart speaks of is an impluse. A subtle yet powerful dignified divine urge to move, arouse and commingle energy space with the ‘other’. THIS is where the juice, where the medicine resides.

Actualize with plant base remedies

Energy cENTERS the mindBody, welcoming the beneficial ‘other’ energy. Taking an active part and inviting ~ encouraging this transfer to ocurr nourishes the over all health and wellness of our psyche. When we become aware of our thoughts and their relationship to our bodies, we create and invite Beauty Love Consciouness. This is helpful energy, entering our bodies and minds. These nascent technologies integrate gaps in our awareness and understanding, altering our consciousness, opening the door to success and joy.

Shadow LIGHT

Shadow LIGHT

comeOUT of the dark regarding LOVE, $$$, VALUES, BEAUTY & SELFWorth.

“This moment that humanity is living through can be considered a door or a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the door is yours”. ~Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle

#FullyYou6 is a visual trigger that carries potential to ignite your Light Body’s impulse,… that part of your DNA that says Green Light…YES!, YES! YES!, all systems are a GO.

The invite is to proceed.

Even if proceeding leads to a conscious effort to be still, wide awake and firm with our concentrated focus. (embodiedspiritwork)

Do we see the opportunity as a door or a hole?, this is the wise old question and the experiment is calling us to eXpress via invitation.

Quantumhealing suggests that all solutions reside out side the problems dynamics. Meaning (and leading) our attention (energy-emotion) away from the drama force that created it. You can not have both.

So choice is involved.

  • Clear
  • Clean
  • Choice.

We got to commit.

Door? or Hole?

ooops zzzz-daisy we fall, sometimes that happens…., and a course correction is required. This is where we begin to flex strengthen develop our

  1. intuition
  2. resilience
  3. fortitude and muscle our way to AWAKEN. LIVE. w/ GRIT.
Foundational means:

This is the rubber meeting the road. The hole begins to re-assemble and we recognize it as a door (selfEmpowerment), our memory body (selfheal) wakesUP, integrates the fall and forms it self into a blessing.


NO, not right off the bat but possible?, YES. Practice this and above all be kind to your self.

my BEST to you,


#LifeLearners live as #FreedomWarriors,

#21stcenturyselfhealthcare #feelHEAL #voleski #thedivinegift #selfLove #selfRespect




Mystery angel

FullyYou5 (image visual trigger) is packed! The ending is taking place while the NEW Now is coming ON,… strong. 2021! Grateful to the gift/blessing via lessons that were kindly taught during this past 365 days.

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”  ~Guillaume Apollinaire

Shall we just say, ‘hallelujah’ on high, and Thank you for having the trusted blind faith in me.

I did do my best, and I (k)NOW know I can do ~ be better.

Life is not only but a Dream!, for Life is an unseen form of one realtiy.

Go here for an song (audio trigger) 



#growingbeautyloveconsciousness, #21stcenturyselfhealthcare, #voleski, #quantumhealing, #feelHEAL, #embodiedspiritwork.




aha HA! 

Exit 2021 with a full exhale.

  • inhale on a count of four (4)
  • hold on a count of four (4)
  • EXHALE count of six (6)
  • hold (no breath) for a count of four (4)
  • Repeat four rounds (4)

LEAVE ‘things’ behind. “DO NOT ”, I repeat, “DO NOT” take any unnecessary

  1. relationships
  2. baggage
  3. outdated ~ overused structures and/or systems.

FullyYou4 is a visual trigger for the New Year, 2022.

What to pack:

  • useful.
  • essential.
  • systems. (not goals)
That are:
  1. helpful
  2. sustainable
  3. humane

YOU are a Broadcasting system > LIGHT (5D;) energy in Human form = eXpressing its’ beliefs, desires, perceptions unto the material (3D;).

careful, for what you aim at you receive. shaBang boomerang in ♠️‘s. 



#growingbeautyloveconsciousness, #21stcenturyselfhealthcare, #voleski, #quantumhealing.

ya’ welcome


SOLSTICE & Completion

SOLSTICE & Completion

Amidst the hustle and bustle

The days leading up to the Solstice threshold continue to draw and darken; lengthening the shortness of light in each day. A PORTAL o p e n s, and balance appears for a slight prolonged moment.

FullyYou3, visual trigger along with affirmation.

“I am Divine eXpression, birthing itself to acknowledge and recognize it self”.

It is said in such a way because of the magical innate feelHEALING of STILLNESS that begins to trickle through the body during Holy Week. These next 10-12 days also end the calendar year.

  • Completing
  • creating 
  • cultivating a stable finish

Pregnant with promise!

Something is about to, tranSpire ~ transmute. Viscerally feelHEALING, the approach COMES,… with great force, power and quick arrival, LIGHT births and from a faint whisper cry, lets out its reach forward.

Into the vessel the Autumn cycle ripens, dark fills and spills the unkNOWn forth, WINTER begins.

In Divine Fullness, Light is birthed.

by struggle,… by challenge and with strength, Light gains and gains it path aGain.

#selfie, #feelHEAL, #21stCenturyselfHealthcare, #quantumHealing, #growingBeautyLoveConsciousness, #vOleski, #Holyweek2021, #newYear2021



You’re ONE of a KIND

You’re ONE of a KIND

WakeUP to your BEAUTY, your Divine uniqueness.

2021 is closing an era of Wake-the-FakeUP. Can you relate? Around February 2022, mid month a improved version will eMerge.

FullyYou2 is a visual trigger assisting you to open to your imaginal cells. A proven theory,

‘Imaginal cells are the parts of a caterpillars that hold the infomation of the butterfly. They are the latent cells within the cell, until it is time foe them to grow”. 

Splash some cold water on that face, wipe the sleepys out those eyes, it’s time to move yourself in some energetic ways towards  ~ movement.

As the old programs, stories and time lines fade > dissolve, possibly become a distance memory quickly, there is this opportUnity to tell > LIVE, ok ok embody a new Life story.

What will this be?, PRAY. Tell.

Image is a visual affirmation, named FullyYou2, whisper a sweet intention, remember you’re ONE of a Kind .

love youse guys gals




End of an Era, 2020-2021.

a preHoliday gift,… might-as-well begin the process, the end of the 2020-2021 era is o v e r – closing and the 2022-beyond approach (21stCentury #selfHealthcare!) is well underway. 

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”   ~C.G. Jung

The photo is an visual image trigger named, FullyYou. This will help to visually stimulate > trigger (in a healthy way;) your Intuition, your inner creative. 

What you can do is:

  1. Stop, and sit in a comfortable way
  2. Take a brief conscious moment, become aware of the ‘something’ that is in need of your Attention
  3. Be still (like a statue;)
  4. Do the exercise that is described in the photo > visually, emotional and physically.

No prescription needed. The requirements:

  • your willingness to participate
  • you stepping into your power
  • your responsibly to take and be the Action

reach out if need be,

blessings to you along the Path of Wholeness.