Amidst the hustle and bustle

The days leading up to the Solstice threshold continue to draw and darken; lengthening the shortness of light in each day. A PORTAL o p e n s, and balance appears for a slight prolonged moment.

FullyYou3, visual trigger along with affirmation.

“I am Divine eXpression, birthing itself to acknowledge and recognize it self”.

It is said in such a way because of the magical innate feelHEALING of STILLNESS that begins to trickle through the body during Holy Week. These next 10-12 days also end the calendar year.

  • Completing
  • creating 
  • cultivating a stable finish

Pregnant with promise!

Something is about to, tranSpire ~ transmute. Viscerally feelHEALING, the approach COMES,… with great force, power and quick arrival, LIGHT births and from a faint whisper cry, lets out its reach forward.

Into the vessel the Autumn cycle ripens, dark fills and spills the unkNOWn forth, WINTER begins.

In Divine Fullness, Light is birthed.

by struggle,… by challenge and with strength, Light gains and gains it path aGain.

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