Voices inside my head

Some twenty years ago, while cruising along Calistoga Road, atop of the hill before coming in full view of the Santa Rosa plains, my brakes on an older Toyota Corolla, gave way.  The usual go too’s went flying out the window as my brake peddle flapped to the front floor board. Shecarr, the faint painted yellow station wagon, that I was driving, transformed becoming a multi-dimensional magic carpet.  Before lulling me and my passenger to safely, and after several spells of divine guidance that directed the vehicle to a halt at the very bottom of this long, curvy, forever downward decline, the car door opened, lurched from the seat, kneeing on the shoulder of the macadam road, I been greeted with an experience of direct learning and gave thanks.

Body-full wisdom

Huh, how did this occur, was not my first responds.  My initial reaction was discovered by my body.  Freely untangling the distress, my to-go earth suit dissolved the impasse by shaking rattling and rolling.  Yes, it all unraveled.  Within seconds, the ride unconsciously unwound, allowing me to consciously absorb what had transpired.  And along with these latent teachings my body offered, came an intuitive suggestion given to me by my Pop.

Affluent mind

While being in the moment, with no room in my psyche for questioning…, pondering the pressing situation…, mulling over which right action might be best, surfaced and hastily left me hearing a loud clear silent commanding, and familiar voice inside my head that said…. ‘Pop it in second’.

Genius within

Upon hearing the instruction, my right hand and gear shift became one.  Gently and confidently, synchronizing with 4 cylinder engine rhythms, I popped it in second.


Our body-full wisdom and minds of affluent knowing are tuned and sound instruments.  The off keys are possibly the brakes and loose bearings.  Obvious connection of the two, mind & body is a sacred obscurity and willing able partners that’s loyalty is wholeness.  There is resemblance, a verifiable communication mirroring other, saving the day.