comeOUT of the dark regarding LOVE, $$$, VALUES, BEAUTY & SELFWorth.

“This moment that humanity is living through can be considered a door or a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the door is yours”. ~Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle

#FullyYou6 is a visual trigger that carries potential to ignite your Light Body’s impulse,… that part of your DNA that says Green Light…YES!, YES! YES!, all systems are a GO.

The invite is to proceed.

Even if proceeding leads to a conscious effort to be still, wide awake and firm with our concentrated focus. (embodiedspiritwork)

Do we see the opportunity as a door or a hole?, this is the wise old question and the experiment is calling us to eXpress via invitation.

Quantumhealing suggests that all solutions reside out side the problems dynamics. Meaning (and leading) our attention (energy-emotion) away from the drama force that created it. You can not have both.

So choice is involved.

  • Clear
  • Clean
  • Choice.

We got to commit.

Door? or Hole?

ooops zzzz-daisy we fall, sometimes that happens…., and a course correction is required. This is where we begin to flex strengthen develop our

  1. intuition
  2. resilience
  3. fortitude and muscle our way to AWAKEN. LIVE. w/ GRIT.
Foundational means:

This is the rubber meeting the road. The hole begins to re-assemble and we recognize it as a door (selfEmpowerment), our memory body (selfheal) wakesUP, integrates the fall and forms it self into a blessing.


NO, not right off the bat but possible?, YES. Practice this and above all be kind to your self.

my BEST to you,


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