Leaving the old Form behind

This is a great exercise along with a visual trigger, #FullyYou7 that is good through this March 2022 Equinox.
so much distraction,… there is little ⏳ time left to entertain the minutia.
“It is a new age that we are entering, the age of Aquarius, and of course this is an astronomical, not an astrological event. It is to do with the relationship now being formed in cosmos between our solar system and the constellation of Aquarius. For the next 2,500 or so years we will be absorbing the cosmic energy of Aquarius, which will transform all life on the planet. It is a synthesizing energy: it draws together, fuses and blends, while the energy of Pisces, the age now ending, has separated and divided the world. This process will go forward… and, gradually, humanity will understand the reality of its spiritual nature”. ~Benjamin Creme
Leaving the past means:

Leaving out dated structures and allowing a pattern interupt. Leaving equals strength. Strength is our ability to sit in our individual Truth, and choose choices (take actions;) that may or may not be suitable for another. THIS is where there is Strength in #’s. Meaning the number of times we have stepped forward into our Truth, number of times we have stepped into #healing past hurts, towards & facing an opposition only to know that facing it is what it takes to dis-spell, dis-solve the dis-illusionments.

Strength in the number means:

The number of ❌’s we step and face fear, # of ❌’s we Forgive our self, one another…, the World for its’ imperfections.

Three tips to entrain the mind, heart and body forward, manifesting, creating and making your L!FE work, function…, THR!VE.
Being in a state of compassion and love… two pillars of Consciousness, here we go >
  1. where you put your focus.
  2. how you spend your day.
  3. what you broadcast, what’s your v!be…,
The #Aquarian Age is reframing our L!ve’s and asks for our Participation.
Here is an eXplanation of #Divine Love