aha HA! 

Exit 2021 with a full exhale.

  • inhale on a count of four (4)
  • hold on a count of four (4)
  • EXHALE count of six (6)
  • hold (no breath) for a count of four (4)
  • Repeat four rounds (4)

LEAVE ‘things’ behind. “DO NOT ”, I repeat, “DO NOT” take any unnecessary

  1. relationships
  2. baggage
  3. outdated ~ overused structures and/or systems.

FullyYou4 is a visual trigger for the New Year, 2022.

What to pack:

  • useful.
  • essential.
  • systems. (not goals)
That are:
  1. helpful
  2. sustainable
  3. humane

YOU are a Broadcasting system > LIGHT (5D;) energy in Human form = eXpressing its’ beliefs, desires, perceptions unto the material (3D;).

careful, for what you aim at you receive. shaBang boomerang in ♠️‘s. 



#growingbeautyloveconsciousness, #21stcenturyselfhealthcare, #voleski, #quantumhealing.

ya’ welcome