How much compassion, vulnerability and intimacy can we develop? 

We see ourselves by quieting…

and in this quiet, we have the opportunity to look where we had previously looked away. Through meditation, we educate the mind, and are able to see through the ‘hive’ mind. This is the beginning of dis-identify outdated patterns, stagnation/fixation and limiting beliefs that lock down our Universal Creative Energy Source. In meditation, the meditator is able to observe, experience and embody the higher truths of knowing, realize their god-self and be greater connected to the ‘field’ of unity consciousness. 

Scientific research shows us that there are four distinct neural networks, pathways that turn on and off during meditation.

Default Network

When overly active, the Default mode network can prevent access to feeling universal life force energy. The DMN also enables you to locate yourself in time and space.

Attention and Control Network

The Attention and Control networks function tandemingly. Together they enhance focus, attention and concentration. 

Present Center Network

The PresentCentered network enhances the ability to feel interconnected and in harmony with universal life force energy. 

During each meditation audio, the brief introduction of the neural networks instruct, while educating the meditator towards setting intention, growing inner awareness and keeping the flow of energy directed and focused.

The essence of learning about the the neural pathways points to a few truths:

  1. Anyone and everyone is capable of developing skills that educate the mind, body that shift unhealthy emotional energy patterns towards health and wholeness via meditation.

2. Profound effects can be experienced in 20 to 25 minutes per day.

3. Daily repetitive practice is most effective. (optimally 40 consecutive days for effective results.

4. Consistency restores willpower. And willpower is personal agency enabling us to abundantly contribute to one’s self and the greater good of others.

It is important to understand that meditation, and autosuggestion (repetition of verbal statements to oneself in order to change behavior) are self care educational technologies, leading the way of 21st Century selfHealth care.  In fact, meditation and autosuggestion are two easily accessible superPowers! The potency of these tools lies in the conversion of thought to feeling. When we consciously register a “felt state,” the mind-body unify. This is the real jewel of these meditations.

The combining of meditation and feelHEAL medicinals is the embodied philosophy of feelHEAL, 21st Century selfHealth care.

I give thanks to the ‘I Am’ teachings, Neural Linguistic Programming, Energy Medicine, Hatha Yoga and both Paramahansa Yogananda and the mystic known as Jesus, who taught self suggestion and intimately understood and embodied the healing power of sound, vibration and frequency. The instrumental components that make up the structure, content and container for the meditations grew from my personal study and experience of the above learning.