Herkimer CBD Herbal Tincture


30ml (1oz)

Herkimer, is a full spectrum CBD rich and herbal blend that integrates and balances all energy cENTERS of the body.

Herkimer, Leadership (Stone of Attunement and Ascension, balancing body, mind and spirit. Herkimer helps to cleanse, protect and purify, connects the astral to the physical planes)

Ingredients: 30ml (500mg CBD)

  • MCT oil (a positive effects on energy expenditure, fat-burning and weight reduction)
  • American Grown Hemp Extract, 500mg CBD rich (eases symptoms of many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease)
  • Chamomile (promotes relaxation and supports digestive health)
  • Calendula (energetics protector)
  • Lemon Grass (clarity of purpose, and sharpen someone’s focus)
  • Nettle (high amount & potent antioxidants)
  • Lion’s Mane (enhances brain health, improves mental function, and speeds the recovery of the nervous system)
  • Maitake (helps to assist the body in fighting against any type of mental or physical difficulty. Maitake is known as a adaptogens, working to regulate systems of the body that have become unbalanced)

For best effective use place 1 full dropper in the mouth and affirm/declare “I fully embrace and live the most sacred – sovereign version of myself. I help lead and grow unity consciousness with this potent divine energy”

Recommended use: daily for 40 consecutive days. 

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30ml (1oz) – 500mg CBD

Diamond Light is a family of full spectrum CBD and herbal tinctures formulated for each energy cENTER of the body (*see description below that explains why this is in all caps). Each tincture blends American grown organic hemp extract, CBD and herbal combinations that support mental, emotion and physical wellbeing. 

When my godson was young, he formed a tube out of green construction paper and pasted blue diamonds on the side of it. He covered the end with a piece of paper in which he had cut an opening in the shape of a rhombus. When I asked him what it was, he replied, “It’s a body looker. If you look through it and see a diamond it means you are healthy. If you see a square, it means you are sick.” This story stuck with me through the years as a powerful metaphor for health and wholeness. We know diamonds are created under extreme pressure that compress and purify their carbon structures until they become completely transparent and able to fully transmit light. We also know that healing and dis-EASE are often defined by how we look at things. When we turn the “body looker” just slightly, a square becomes a diamond. It’s all a matter of perspective.

*As embodied beings, our bodies are literally sacred altars. When we nourish the energy cENTERS of our bodies, we welcome in the beneficial loving energy that is all around us. We take an active part by inviting this energy to ENTER into and nourish our bodies. When we are not conscious of our thoughts and their relationship to our bodies, we unwittingly invite in harmful energy and allow it to ENTER our bodies and minds. By using these technologies to integrate gaps in our awareness and understanding, we alter our consciousness and open the door to health and joy. How apropos it is then that the ancient holy women and men of Tibet use the term Diamond Light to represent the enlightened heart-mind, where all spectra of the prism are integrated and made whole into unified, pure white light. 

Herkimer,  Leadership 

Diamond Light CDB Tinctures 

feelHEAL, 21st Century selfHealth care

Intentionally blended to maximize states of well-being.  

 “I fully embrace and live the most sacred – sovereign version of myself. I help lead and grow unity consciousness with this potent divine energy”